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Medical Malpractice

Each year, tens of thousands of patients are killed by medical negligence. The staggering amount of these tragic and often avoidable deaths has been characterized as an “epidemic” by prominent medical journals.

Injuries from medical negligence are often catastrophic, and the consequences can financially destroy families. When medical negligence occurs, hospitals, doctors and insurance companies immediately begin preparing their defense. It’s impossible to overstate the massive advantages the defense has in our system – in-house attorneys, outside law firms, deep pockets, endless rolls of hired guns posing as “experts,” unlimited time and, in many cases, the law itself – all working to limit or destroy your claim and prevent you from recovering full compensation for your injuries.

Our firm is committed to helping victims of medical negligence secure fair compensation for their injuries, which are often life-altering. We often refer prospective clients who have been injured by careless doctors to attorneys who focus their practice in this area, in order to help secure the maximum compensation for our clients.