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Nursing Home Injuries

Many Illinois nursing homes provide compassionate care to their residents and patients. But many others are death traps. Nursing staffs are overworked, and residents of nursing homes or long-term-care facilities often require around-the-clock care. Those nursing homes that provide substandard care to their patients are a menace to Illinois residents, and must be forced to answer for their dangerous practices in open court. We believe that the only way that dangerous nursing homes is if they are forced to answer for their dangerous practices in open court.

Dangerous nursing home practices take a wide variety of shocking forms. Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, are some of the most frequent types of nursing home injuries. These bed sores typically occur in patients when nursing staffs refuse to turn or rotate the patient frequently enough. These pressure sores, while sometimes starting as small as the size of a pencil eraser, can quickly compound if not treated properly and immediately, and tragically can lead to death from to sepsis or pneumonia.

Preventable falls are also a leading cause of death or serious injury in nursing homes. Falls are often entirely preventable with the installation of bed rails or simple releasable safety belts, or giving a resident assistance with walking to the bathroom. Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities often operate with complete negligence allowing residents to fall in ways that would take no more than five minutes of a staff member’s time to remedy. These falls can be life-altering, even leading to death. Nursing homes are not allowed to admit or keep a resident whose needs it cannot meet.

Pressure ulcers and preventable falls are just two of the myriad ways nursing homes and assisted-living facilities are outrageous public health concerns. The Weinrich Law Firm is prepared to consult with your family and works hand-in-hand with experienced attorneys who focus on taking these irresponsible facilities to task and obtaining just compensation for their victims.