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Dangerous Property Conditions

Premises liability law, often called “slip and fall” litigation, encompasses a wide range of lawsuits that may be filed as a result of a person who has sustained injury on the property of another. Premises liability actions can spring from an injury sustained literally anywhere – a grocery store, shopping mall, casino, parking lot, a hospital, or even someone else’s home.

Many times, injuries are caused by an individual or business its property in a state of disrepair. Victims are often injured as a result of wet floors, loose gravel, poor lighting, broken stairs or concrete, unsafe balcony areas, and countless other dangerous conditions that might exist on private property.

Under law, a property owner is often responsible for the injuries suffered by someone on his or her property if the condition that caused the injury was known by the owner, or was reasonably foreseeable.

After a victim has been injured in a premises liability action, he or she can expect to be contacted almost immediately by the property owner’s insurance company.

In many cases, injured persons might incorrectly blame themselves, or perhaps think that they could have been more careful, when in reality, the property owner often is solely at fault. For that reason, it is important that victims in premises liability actions consult with an attorney before speaking with anyone about the incident.